Goodgame Empire

Good Empire

The online game Goodgame Empire in full screen (fullscreen) in English for free will take you to the Middle Ages. You will become the king 👑 of your own kingdom, which you will expand and defend against other players. Joining players in alliances to ensure the safe and your people will build an empire.

Online game Good Empire

Good Empire is a multiplayer strategy game, played by thousands of players around the world against each other or together in alliances against players in other alliances. The Empire playing games just need a web browser. Playing the game Good Empire is free, so free.

Good Empire

Do not hesitate and plunge into the medieval world of Good Empire. Fight enemies, complete tasks, collect ruby and build the most powerful kingdom in the game.

Good game Empire is an online game in English created by studio Goodgame, you can play the entire screen (fullscreen).

The advantage of this strategy game is the constant development of game mechanics. The game has been remade in HTML5, making it accessible to everyone in their browser. With the constant addition of various buildings, soldiers and game mechanics, the game maintains a strong player community. After simply logging into the game, a clear tutorial is available for beginners, which will quickly help them learn how to control the game. There are 70 levels waiting for the player and then up to 950 levels of legends. A new world is gradually emerging. The essential resources in the game are wood, stone and food. Gold is also needed for development - possibly rubies.

The main advantages of the game include large armies with many types of soldiers, battles within alliances against real players from all over the world, a dynamic world map, strategic battles with the use of siege machines, a large number of buildings for improving the castle, fun campaigns with attractive rewards. The game has extensive help, support is also available via Discord.